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Helen Smith and Mark Hinterberg, the organizers, have been ballroom dancers for 15 years.  They enjoy the comradery of social dancing, heading dance retreats and performing in showcases.  Learning the Art of ballroom dancing in a social setting is a passion for Helen and Mark.  Their goal is to pursue and to provide additional opportunities in the Tucson area for more social dance events.

Stacey Aldrich

A Tucson native, she is founder, co-owner and President of Ballroom Dance Schools. Stacey’s life’s passion has always been to educate, teaching dance lessons now and in Tucson for over 10 years.  

A veteran of the entertainment industry, Stacey works with proficient dancers famed by Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and the world-renowned stage show Burn the Floor, to bring Tucson some of the best dance experiences in the world.

In 2019 alongside her partner in all things, Lucas, she won the UCWDC Classic Couples Division 2 world championship. Today, you can find her at Music in Motion Studios on River Road.

Lucas Aldrich

Luke started his career in the fall of 2005 where he immediately fell in love with teaching dance, creating choreography and improving the lives of his students. With a passion for kinesiology and a flare for performance he quickly became one of Tucson’s top male instructors.

Opening his own business in 2013, he started to grow a following as one of the country dance worlds: up and coming dancers.

He met his wife Stacey at a charity event in which they were both performing. Their romance blossomed into a dance partnership, joint studio business and a family. In 2019 they became Tucson’s first professional country western dance champions.

He loves helping students of all levels. And secretly enjoys attending socials and parties incognito or by surprise to help the new dancers get that first dance of a lifetime.